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Liberate Your life with LOVE

Compassionate support for the inner journey, including emotional self-care, anxiety, inner child healing and spiritual awakening



Michelle Holmes

After two decades in a demanding executive leadership career, I began the work of healing my nervous system from "go-produce-earn-win" mode, and my emotional self from culturally pervasive states of self-criticism, shame, anxiety and fear. Through the practices I offer, I have learned how to rest, and that I  am — and you are — worthy of rest, love and care. I'd love to help you learn how.


This deep work of the subconscious allows us to open to the unlimited resources of the human mind for transformation and manifestation, and to enter altered states of consciousness for spiritual guidance and support for our life journeys.

Specializing in fear/anxiety release and inner child healing. 

Read more about hypnosis 


Breath is an incredible tool to open the heart and connect with the deepest levels of compassion for self and others.  Breathwork journeys are excellent for forgiveness, inner child healing, and personal and spiritual expansion and a beloved part of our work here at Heart's Ease Healing.

Read more about breath.


The Havening Techniques are a collection of somatic and emotional healing practices that use gentle, loving touch to foster the release of stored trauma, fear, anxiety and allowing entry into enhanced states of peace, safety and love.

Learn more about Havening


Steve Dimant

Through connected circular breathing and other breathing techniques almost two years ago Michelle helped me kick a cigarette addiction I had for 33 years . It's difficult for me to put into words how thankful I am to her for that.

I felt very centered and full of relief when I left. You will walk out elated and happy, full of peace. Thank you Michelle for "bringing me back".


Patricia Smith 

Thank you so much. Today was life changing for me!

Natalie Aleman

I was fortunate enough to find Michelle at a time when I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. She gave me the tools I needed to get through this tough time and I will forever be thankful!

I had an amazing experience with Michelle. Strangely enough, I was manifesting a few things in my life and when I went to see Michelle, it's almost as if the universe came to full circle.

Lisa gladstone.png

Lisa Gladstone

I find it a little hard to explain, other than to say it has been a very meaningful and profound experience. I feel incredibly lucky to be 68 years old and growing and discovering so much. My husband and I have been closer than ever. We're both hugely grateful.

Denise Muniz

I couldn’t believe at the end of that session I felt at peace.
All those feelings I’ve had for months and it was gone. I’m so happy I made this appointment.

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