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Michelle Holmes

My grandmother called it “her nerves” and this incessant worry, work, movement, and stress somehow just seemed part of her.

For me it was night time terror from the time I was a little child afraid to walk to the bathroom alone,  and as I grew, a gnawing reluctance to  show my true, wild self in world that rewarded “right” behavior and “respectable” presentation with personal and professional success.

Like most people in the world today, I spent most of my adulthood in a state of nervous system overwhelm that seemed to worsen with each passing year. 


Eventually, my body began to cry out for change.

First yoga, then breathwork, then a deep immersion in meditation and sacred plants began to introduce me to a whole world of rest and ease and joy and peace I had rarely had a glimpse of, and that my grandmother never had a chance to know.


I began to understand that the modern way of doing it all was not actually possible, and  when my grandchildren were born, I left my high powered career to learn what I think of as "Grandmother Medicine": techniques of centering, calming, resting and healing the human body and mind.

Over the past few years an interest in holistic inner work is entering the public conversation, as awakening humans grapple with the role of generational trauma and the catastrophic oppression of the feminine in our private and public lives. A revival of indigenous teachings as well as advances in modern neuroscience are leading us back to our bodies, our emotions, our hearts and our spirits.


We are not broken. We are here to heal by coming home to trust ourselves, and know that we are worthy of rest, of care, of unconditional love.

I’m so grateful you are here. 


Serving love as the master healer

The techniques and practices I share here are handed down from great world wisdom traditions that connect us with compassion and deep care for the human soul, psyche, body and heart. I've been deeply fortunate to study with wonderful teachers across the globe (some of whom are listed below) dedicated to human awakening through the practice of releasing old feelings of unworthiness, shame, and suffering and opening the the magnificence of who we truly are.

Qualifications include:

Integrative Health Coach

Duke Integrative Medicine-certified coach with a focus on embodiment, creativity and authenticity in leadership.


Level 4 Clarity Breathwork practitioner, trained by founders Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris

Reiki Master Practitioner


training and certification through by the British Hypnosis Training and Research Institute and Enlightened Living Hypnosis

Somatic practitioner

Certified Havening Techniques practitioner

Attuned by Reiki Master Teacher Terri Ann Heiman

Transformational Consultant

Experience includes Stanford University JSK innovation fellowship, Editor of Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, and founder of Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center

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