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"Freedom is what others give you.

Liberation is what you give yourself."


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Thank you for being here.
We are so happy to introduce you to Salaam:
speaker, facilitator, poet, heart-healer. 



In a time where information is everywhere, Salaam offers us a chance to experience a transformative, embodied state of hope, belonging, connection and friendship, and through doing so, a chance to change our collective human story.

Salaam is based in   Birmingham, Alabama, and is a native of Alabama’s Black Belt. She shares her lived experience with generations of civil rights work with people around the world.

In her work as an advocate for racial justice and human compassion, Salaam regularly shares connection with people at the death bed, in prisons and homeless shelters and other places where human despair and transcendence share space;


She has spoken at the United Nations and taught hundreds of community leaders throughout the South, including with the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation; UAB Institute for Arts in Medicine, and the Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Healing and Transformation project.


Her online programming has included leading community efforts for PEN America, and the Political Healers Project among many other national and international groups.


Her message, across its many forms, is the same: Belonging as a path of human liberation.


Want to bring Salaam to your community?

Keynote Speaker

Circle expert

Salaam is an expert in circles as traditional healing spaces for healing, friendship and discourse. 

You can hire Salaam to ...

• Create a circle

• Facilitate a circle

• Train you or your team to run a circle

Salaam  speaks on Global Racial Healing And the power of Women as Agents of Liberation for companies, organizations, and communities of all kinds. 

She is a nationally recognized expert at using the methodology of Racial Healing among people of all colors and genders.
Programs include:
* Free Women Free World -- 
* What Black Women Want You To Know
* Racial Healing for

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