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Living in Heart's Ease

Welcome, mystics and skeptics, scientists and seekers, humans of any faith or creed. You are welcome here. We hope to meet you as we explore ways to live a happy life with deep compassion for all beings.

Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center is a reflection of the kind of life we are grateful to enjoy, after two hard- charging executive careers have wound themselves gently down. Where we can explore what it means to be more free, and live with more love, as each year passes. 

Maybe you, too, are seeking a chance to slow down from the rush, listen to the tree frogs and watch the rain rolling in. Maybe you want to connect with others who are building an intentional life, rather than one that others create for you. Or maybe you need help to care for deep wounds in one of our private sessions.  

We've been blessed to journey with global communities dedicated to building connection and exploring the many gifts of a heart-centric life. We know everyone's journey is different, and we have gathered others here who can assist you to love more fully, and live more freely, whatever that looks like for you.  You can find a bit more information about all of us, below. We hope to meet you soon in one of our events, free groups or one-on-one sessions.


Michelle and Murdoch

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