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The Free Women Free World Collective

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.


— African Proverb


Through our collective Free Women Free World, we are exploring human belonging as a spiritual practice. 

We ask:


What do we need to feel safe to fully show up as our true selves?

How can connecting more deeply with others allow us to know ourselves more fully?

What changes in our lives when we show up in intentional connection practice with others doing the same?

What does it mean to create new stories together?

We offer private and group sessions, public speaking and occasional public programming.

We'd love to know how we might connect with you!

Meet your friends and guides


Lucy Wairimu Mukuria

My body is one big piece of memory.


I don’t want to talk about my pain

I don’t want to talk about my accomplishments.

I want to talk about my here and now.

I’m lunging up a hill, uphill, carrying weights.

Do you know what it means to do that? 

Lunges, uphill, carrying weights.

I say: it's too painful. I can't take it. 

And then I started counting.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 

I raise my knees.

I take the lunge. I breathe out. I stand up, I breath in.

I tell myself: Wow! It's like you, haven't even done anything. Let's go.

I take that step forward.

 I  bend my back leg.

I raise my knees.  

I am aligned spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. That's when I succeed.

The kind of success that leaves me feeling calm fulfilled and satisfied.

And I walked up. 

And I finished. and i'm done.

Lucy Lunge_edited_edited.jpg

Michelle Holmes

Some people say, “I might be disorganized but I’m always clean.”

Not me,

I stomp in mud every chance I get.

I  eat with my hands.

I do take a bath regularly, but mostly because I like the feel of water up to my chin, like soaking in a hot spring straight from the ground.

“Hot lava!” My grandchildren love to say, and play.

Red hot out of the earth has a primal kind of feel that toddlers understand.

So do the sandhill cranes flying overhead in Indiana. I listen to the bird sounds from my bed when other people are working.

Two cups of coffe, black, before I ,switch to yogi tea.

My job these days is staying open.


I am making space for myself, just the way I am.

This is women’s work, my friend Salaam tells me.

I believe.

Michelle Berry.HEIC
salaam green earrings.png

Salaam Green

 "I am convinced that poetry saved my life and these words are from a soul stirred storyteller whose poetry exudes from her spirit, like taking a copper penny to what you know is the winning lottery ticket. I saw my scratched soul begin to shine, begin to come alive."

Salaam above from collection, "I am Woman;" below from "Grieve Girl."


Before you can move on you have to allow yourself to grieve Girl.
Hold your head down and go ahead and curse the sky Girl
Share the pain of your cracked open life Girl
Before you can move on Girl
You need to Grieve Girl
Before you can rhyme or flow Girl
You need to leave the show and walk out the door Girl
And lay your head in the lap of the savior's bed Girl
Four your life has been evaded without your permission Girl
For that you need to Grieve Girl 


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"Thank you for inviting me to this morning's circle! It was a wonderful, life-affirming experience. Blessings and deep gratitude to you, Michelle, Salaam, and Lucy."

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