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Free 2Be Pods are designed as a place to come together with strangers to:

  • Practice connecting more deeply 

  • Become more comfortable in speaking from your heart  

  • Reduce feelings of loneliness (even for those who live with others)

  • Feel more fully and truly "seen” (Including a better ability to see your own self.)

They are not about convincing others of your point of view or offering to coach or help each other. They are not focused on any topic or subject. Instead, this transformative practice is centered in simply showing up for one another and listening. 

How it works: 

A group of 4-7 people meets on Zoom video for approximately 45 minutes M-F for one week.

In a connection pod everyone gets equal turns. It goes like this: 

1. You get a turn to speak from your heart.

2. You get few turns to listen with your heart.

3. Repeat 2 or 3 times. 

3. It's a comment-free zone! No-one interrupts/congratulates/argues/advises/ anyone else. 

4. There's no need to prepare any stories, or do any homework, Just open your heart and see what wants to be shared.

5. It's easy! Just show up as your beautiful real you!

 If you'd like to try a Pod, please add your name to our list and we will be in touch! No spam ever, we promise.

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