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Hypnosis for Love and Freedom with Michelle


People use hypnosis to overcome big challenges, build confidence, or solve problems related to food, sex, relationships, addictions, work and family.  But it's not like traditional therapy. Our goal is not to spend hours talking about the issues in your life; rather we will find a place for your everyday, conscious mind to rest, and tap into the unconscious mind -- the place that already knows how to get you to where you want to go. 

How does Hypnosis work?

Ongoing research from fields as diverse as  neuroscience and quantum physics  continues to help us uncover the incredible potential that comes with harnessing the power of the unconscious mind to create lasting change.   

In a compassionate Heart’s Ease hypnosis session, no one tells you what to do, and you will always be at choice.  No matter what you might have seen on TV or in movies or a Las Vegas stage, there are no tricks, and no games. Instead, together we co-create an experience in which you truly become your own healer. 

Though an easy, conversational style that allows you to make your own choices about how deep to go, you will be guided to relax your body and mind. In a state of hypnotic trance that feels akin to a deep state of meditation (even if you’ve never meditated), I help you access your unconscious mind — part of you that is ready to powerfully support you in living your life with more ease, freedom and happiness.  

Some common uses include but are not limited to:

· Anxiety

· Relationship issues 

· Sexuality

· Food compulsions

· Body image

· Phobias

· Pain management 

· Confidence building

· Gender identity

· Addictions

· Professional and personal success

About Michelle: 

I received my hypnosis certification from expert teacher, trainer and coach Randi Light.  My advanced training includes a diploma-level course under the renowned British therapist Stephen Brooks, who has pioneered the use of Compassionate Ericksonian Hypnotherapy based on Buddhist principles in the medical profession with courses in over 20 hospitals and universities around the world. My work also calls on my training as a breathworker and a Duke Integrative Medicine-certified health coach with a focus on mind-body healing.  

My goal is always helping clients make progress quickly, and I seek to minimize the time and expense it takes to get the results you want.   

  • Schedule a time to discuss how we can get you where you want to go!

    30 min

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