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Michelle Holmes and Murdoch Davis, founders of Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center, are waving from a front porch

Michelle Holmes

and Murdoch Davis

Welcome, from our Alabama front porch.


While the miracle of new grandchildren led us to Indiana from Birmingham in 2020, we learned a great deal about friendliness in our seven years of living in the Deep South. So while we can't ask you to pull up a seat and bring you a Sweet Tea, we do hope you will feel seen and valued here.   ​

Mostly, Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center is a reflection of the kind of life we are grateful to enjoy, after two hard- charging executive careers have wound themselves gently down. It is our hope to share this place with others who are looking to explore what else life offers beyond endless work, social media, bills, worry, stress and obligation.  

So we are here for people who are looking for a different answer. 


Maybe you are seeking a chance to slow down from the rush, listen to the tree frogs and watch the rain rolling in. Maybe you need a place to sit with us and tell your story. Maybe you want to connect with others who are building an intentional life, rather than one that just ... happens. Maybe you need time and space and tools to care for deep wounds privately and gently.

Why ever you are here is the right reason. 

We are lucky to be joined by Winona Holmes-Robbins, who shares her yoga and personal training skills, as well as a deep care for other humans and an ability to see the beauty inside of them. We expect more of our family to join us at times, and we are proud to offer sessions by our friends and others whose work we admire. 

You can find a bit more information about us, below. We hope to meet you soon in one of our free groups or one-on-one sessions.


Michelle and Murdoch

About Michelle: 

As a coach/facilitator/guide:  

As a coach certified by Duke University’s school of Integrative Medicine, and as an experienced executive mentor and guide, I help people tune into their own truth. I am honored to serve leaders and teachers who need a discreet space for their own ongoing inner work; I also welcome people exploring gender identity, sexual healing and limiting beliefs from childhood, as well as anyone who is feeling the call to serious transformation. 


As a writer, speaker: 

As a keynote speaker, panelist and  facilitator, I  help people connect to a sense of wonder and excitement for the future. I've presented in academic settings like Stanford University's Center for Liberation Technology, and from the stage at places like the New York Times Center and the Getty Museum of Art. As a poet and essayist, I've been published in a wide variety of literary journals and news publications, including: Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine, Carcanet, and The Toronto Star. 


As a media executive:  

As the executive producer of Whitman, Alabama, a groundbreaking experiment uniting poetry and film, and vice president of a Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, I've worked to expand traditional storytelling boundaries and to find new ways to connect people across seemingly impossible divides. I’ve learned from the experience of hundreds of employees and understand the burnout and frustration of the modern workplace. I understand the challenges we have building equitable work lives for our families. 


As me:

As the mother of three beautiful daughters, a wife, a grandmother, a daughter, a friend and a companion to dogs, I recognize that the many of the most rewarding things in life are not on a resume. Beyond all the roles, there's the part of me that's the same inside of you. That's the place where the labels drop off, and the “being” begins — and the place where I hope we will meet one day. 

Winona Holmes-Robbins of Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center is shown smiling in a yoga studio

Winona Holmes-Robbins

Harnessing her own connection and love for the earth, Winona structures classes that cultivate feelings of purpose, safety, love and gratitude. 

Winona combines her knowledge from her career as a personal trainer with tools she has gained from her yoga training to boost confidence and intrinsic self-love for humans in every walk of life. 

In 2018 she began her personal yoga practice to counter balance her high energy jobs as a swim coach and personal trainer. After years of thinking yoga wasn’t for her, she found herself craving a space to explore inner silence and physical recharge — she quickly fell in love with the mindful and gentle  movement and yoga ethics. 

Winona's gentle and encouraging style is a fit for all people — including those who feel challenged to fit into mainstream movement spaces — to find pleasure in their bodies through corrective movement, gentle strength building and meditative movements. 

"I’ve been working with Winona for over two years, both in the gym and via Zoom, and can say with confidence that no two sessions are alike. She cares about my goals and designs every session to achieve them, and on top of that, is a really nice person!  I never thought I’d say I look forward to a thorough workout, but I do now!"

                                                                                       — Mary, age 68

Winona completed her 200hr yoga training at Ohm yoga in Valparaiso, Indiana in the spring of 2019; she has been a certified personal trainer since 2017. 

If you'd like to learn more about Winona's work or book a free call with her, check out our Offerings Page. 

Murdoch Davis of Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center smiles in a hat at an outdoor restaurant.

Murdoch Davis

Murdoch Davis is a lifelong advocate of free expression and a contributor to Canada’s free speech history in a long career as a crusading journalist and media executive. 

In 2017, Murdoch co-founded, a media consulting and training firm dedicated to supporting journalists in Asia and Africa forging and maintaining a free press. 

He is a winner of the National Newspaper Award in Canada for a crusading campaign on behalf of LGBTQ+rights, and served for decades as publisher and editor of leading Canadian newspapers, most recently as the Executive Editor of the Toronto Star. Murdoch works with leadership development, restructuring organizations and other human issues. 

Murdoch married Michelle Holmes in 2013, leaving Canada for the USA in what he calls his own “pursuit of happiness.” Together they are pursuing the path of the heart.



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