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You are welcome, just as you are

Michelle Holmes

Self-Love for Liberation, Leadership & Joy

Sharing the grandmother medicine: compassion, acceptance, love

for ourselves and the world.


Welcome! I help cultural changemakers and visionary leaders learn to use the powerful medicine of self-compassion to heal from personal trauma and the planetary-wide wounding of the feminine, so they can live and lead from wholeness and harmony. 

If you are burned out, overwhelmed, and yearning to connect with your true, sacred purpose,   I am here to support you in creating a healthy and happy life.

The world needs your biggest gifts. Let's work together to set them free. 


About Michelle

If you could have had a video camera on me those first few months after I left my role as Vice President of a Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, it might have looked something like a nervous breakdown.

Maybe you would have seen me wandering alone through woodlands, and city streets,  humming to myself, dancing at many hours.

Maybe you would have seen me with my grandchildren, gathering  old corncobs in a basket.

That was me, eating toast for dinner and  sleeping at 3 p.m.

Me sitting with spiritual teachers, in lectures with neuroscientists, and in heart to heart encounters with humans from around the globe.

And my nervous system began to heal and I began to remember what I wanted to do when there were no deadlines.


And I created this place, eventually, when I was ready to come back to a computer, and began to serve others in manifesting their big dreams.

This place where we can learn, for us, what freedom feels like, and what our heartbeats sound like when they are in joy.

Interested in your own inner liberation? I help people explore:

What if you had an instruction manual for yourself?

Each human deserves to learn self-healing techniques  to release personal and cultural shame, guilt and other psychic and emotional wounds that keep you feeling stuck and limited.  You don't have to do this alone.

How would your life change if you could truly love yourself?

Release the harsh and driving inner critic — “too much“/“not enough” “too fat/too thin” “too strong/too weak”— that was handed to you by society,  so you can fully experience the guidance of your own loving inner voice.

Do you ever yearn to feel unlimited love and freedom ?


Learn to navigate various states of consciousness (using ritual, journeywork, nature and the body) and connect with a vast universal intelligence that allow you to experience more freedom. 

What would it be like to lead from your authentic self? 

How would your life change when you trust your own inner authority?

My leadership work is based on connecting with your highest self and giving her free rein to make the decisions that FEEL right.

What people say about working with Michelle

 "I have gained such insight from the session and the practices I have been putting into place to “feed” the gratitude and joy energies in my body have really been making a difference.

Though I do this work, it was a new way of approaching it that brought an entirely new level of understanding for me. 

 THANK YOU again, a thousand times.


Jerome Braggs

intuitive healer

If you are interested in investing in your own personal transformation with time, resources, and deep, rigorous self-examination, I'm happy to spend some time together helping you explore how we might reach your dreams together. Please reach out for a conversation with me, below. 

 I also offer individual sessions and short term healing services at our sister site, Heart's Ease Hypnosis and Healing

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