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Body Love and Freedom (with Winona)


Welcome! I offer classes for people from all walks of life who want to explore what it means to have more self-confidence and self-love through working with the body.

As a certified yoga teacher,  personal trainer and former collegiate coach, I offer a wide range of tools to help you develop a deeper relationship with your own body. My clients report breakthroughs in motivation, strength, mobility and a sense of accomplishment. 

I offer private hatha yoga sessions (both for beginners, as well for those who prefer strengthening their practice with 1-1 attention); compassionate and enthusiastic personal training; and goal setting/motivation sessions. I also work with people interested in adopting a more compassionate and earth-friendly approach to eating.

I love working with older clients, clients with mobility issues, beginners and experts alike. My goal for everyone is the same:

   · Loving the being you see in the mirror 

   · Feeling good when you move

   · Feeling confident wherever you go

Design a Program Just for You

I love designing custom programs for clients in person and online. Let's talk about how I can help you achieve your own goals to be healthier and feel better. 

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