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We base our work on teachings of the world's wisdom traditions combined with modern explorations into human consciousness. Come in to experience your birthright: A joyful, compassionate and liberated life.


Your presence is a gift to us. We hope you will look around and connect with us. We can't wait to meet you.



Do you want to reduce feelings of stress, loneliness, disconnection from yourself and others?

Do you want to tap into transformative states of peace and compassion?

A Heart's Ease breathwork session combines counseling and insight with a powerful experiential practice.


Many clients report significant release of old stuck energy and greater connection with their life's purpose. 



The human mind — your mind — offers incredible resources for growth and healing.


Heart’s Ease hypnotherapy uses the unconscious mind’s power in a gentle and compassionate approach to  help you overcome issues that are holding you back. 

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships, addictions, or simply want to grow in confidence and happiness,  we would love to support you. 


We work with yoga, personal training, and body-based deep meditation/relaxation to help you transform your relationship with your body.

Our goal for everyone is the same:

   · Loving the being you see in the mirror 

   · Feeling good when you move

   · Feeling confident wherever you go

We tailor our work to people in all bodies, and of all experience levels, from the mobility-impaired to active athletes.

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Transformational Coaching

In a time of immense planetary challenges, our work is to support people just like you — artists, executives, entrepreneurs, social revolutionaries, healers, teachers and visionary thinkers at the edge — as you allow your deepest dreams to unfold for the benefit the world. We offer six month and yearlong programs designed to support your biggest and boldest success.

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