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The Literary Healer

Salaam Green

Poet, Speaker, Facilitator

"Freedom is what others give you.

Liberation is what you give yourself."

In a time where information is everywhere, Salaam offers us a chance to experience a transformative, embodied state of hope, belonging, connection and friendship.

A native of Alabama’s Black Belt, Salaam shares her lived experience in the heart of America's Civil Rights movement with people around the world, through poetry, compassionate listening, speaking and workshop facilitation.

She has spoken at the United Nations and taught hundreds of community leaders throughout the South, including with the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation; UAB Institute for Arts in Medicine, and the Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Healing and Transformation project.

Whether she is speaking to persons directly impacted by harm, CEOs, doctors or the dying, her message is the same: Belonging as a path of human liberation.


See Salaam's work in action


Want to bring Salaam to your community?

Keynote speaker, Circle Facilitator, Compassionate Listener, and Master Healer


Salaam speaks on Global Racial Healing and the power of Women as Agents of Liberation for companies, organizations, and communities of all kinds. She is a nationally recognized expert at using the methodology of Racial Healing among people of all colors and genders. 


Keynote Speaking

Salaam offers the following public programs as a keynote speaker and is available to create custom programming around these themes

  • What Black Women Want you to Know

  • Racial Healing for You and Me

  • Art as a Tool for Social Change and Racial Justice

  • Free Women Free World: women as agents of liberation

These topics are perfect for:

  • Organizations looking to bring gentle humor, compassion and connection into their social justice programming

  • Educational and community gatherings seeking to foster a sense of inclusion and personal sharing

  • Conferences seeking to bring contemporary racial healing topics to their stages with warmth and personality

Belonging Circles and Workshops

Salaam leads highly-interactive circles for large and small groups, in person and online, building a deep sense of belonging and connection.

These circles are perfect for:


  • Cultural organizations seeking meaningful, interactive dialogue spaces

  • Companies committed to creating room for employees to connect with purpose

  • Social groups and organizations that want support to go deeper together


Sacred space convener

Salaam’s presence at your meeting can create a profound sense of connection and belonging.

Her ability to open the space  with sacred purpose can set the mood for those gathered to engage in deep work.

These sessions are perfect for

  • Opening all day company retreats and Zoom meetings

  • Facilitating breakout sessions of rest and healing

  • Creating a sense of shared purpose in community gatherings and conferences

Salaam resting.jpg

Contact Salaam to discuss rates and scheduling

What people say about working with Salaam

A blessing on your ministry 

"Salaam, Wow, It was a blessing to hear your powerful and enchanting stories today at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Selma. I know the four white Northerners who are my traveling companions felt the same-and are moving towards such needed change as a result of this transforming storytelling…. A blessing on your ministry, because that's what it is."

Ted H, Jenison, Michigan

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