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My Online Services


This complementary session is designed for me to hear what is going on in your life, and understand the changes you are calling in. After asking a series of questions designed to clarify your challenges and opportunities, I'll offer my recommendations for next steps, including  how we might work together if I feel I can support you on your path. 


This circle is an opportunity to learn the fundamental tools of deep, nourishing self-care  while being held  in community. Whether you are new or experienced in the  powerful practices of group healing and collective liberation, you are welcome here.  


A  private session with me offers the opportunity to drop deep into your soul' unfolding work. You will be held with compassionate listening, then learn and experience  tools to transform fear, stress and limited thinking into ease, peace and hope. Sessions may include breathwork, hypnosis, energy work, trauma release with Havening, or other tools, based on your needs and desires.


(Most popular)

This 5-week series of private sessions is designed to support you in committing to yourself the time and focus for significant change and growth. Together we will create a field of connection and care to hold you over time as you achieve the results you desire. May be used for Hypnosis, Breathwork, Havening and Energy Healing. 

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